In 1989, our interdenominational crisis pregnancy center began in Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Latonia, KY as A Compassionate Alternative, and our first client chose life for her baby daughter, Brooke!

In 2000, we changed our name to New Hope Center and gave our first free ultrasound. In 2002, we began offering After-Abortion Care to help women who’ve experienced the pain of abortion, and in 2008 we launched our Abstinence Education program (SRA) in local schools to help our youth make healthy choices.

Over the years as our services have expanded, we’ve added additional centers in Alexandria, Covington, and Falmouth, and had triplets born to one of our clients!

Throughout our history, many things have changed, but one thing will never change – our primary focus of honoring God while serving those who desperately need a message of hope.

For mothers and fathers facing an unplanned pregnancy, we share a lifesaving and family-strengthening hope. For those who’ve experienced the pain of abortion, we share the hope of healing. For the many students who need to hear the abstinence message before they become another statistic, our SRA program delivers hope.

Every day we see the difference that HOPE makes in the lives of our clients. With nearly 30 years of experience behind us, we can say with absolute certainty, that hope changes everything.


New Hope Center exists to glorify God by demonstrating the love of Christ to all, ministering to the family as a whole, and meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are served while upholding the sanctity of all human life.


We provide non-condemning education and support for people facing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. We focus on enhancing personal responsibility and decision-making. New Hope Center provides education on sexual risk avoidance, sexually transmitted diseases, and fetal development; as well as emotional and material support (clothing, childcare accessories, etc.) for all those experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

New Hope Center is a 501(c)(3) ministry. For the most recent information about New Hope Center, download our newsletter.

You will never have this day again,
so make it count.