Executive Director

Karen Class


“I have been a part of New Hope Center since 2015. It is both exciting and humbling to be a part of this life saving, life transforming and family strengthening ministry. Where we share help, hope and healing. To be a part of the transformation from having no hope to equipping and empowering our clients with hope, because as we know Hope Changes Everything. We have been given an opportunity to make an incredible impact in our community. This impact will make a difference today, tomorrow, for generations to come and even more importantly, eternity.”

FUN FACT: Like a kid, I love playing outdoors…running for fun or training for half marathons, taking a motorcycle ride with my husband or getting my hands dirty gardening in my yard.

Crestview Hills Director

Lori Gohs


“New Hope Center is what its’ name says: New Hope. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with women and offer them new hope when they are faced with adverse circumstances whether that be an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy loss through miscarriage or abortion. I get to be a servant to God’s people to bring them hope and bring glory to God.”

FUN FACT: I love Pilates and am a Pilates instructor.

Falmouth Director

Cindy Feldkamp


“New Hope opens up so many opportunities to show the love of God. It is a great joy to be used by our Creator as we’re given the opportunity to show His love and compassion to our clients and walk along with them on their journey. God is in the business of changing lives – and it is amazing to see His works unfold!”

FUN FACT: I love spending time with my grandson. It is such a blessing to be a grandmother!  I also enjoy taking walks in the woods. I find it a perfect place to talk with my Lord.

Covington Director

Angie Helvy


“New Hope Center is a great place to work! I am privileged to walk alongside women who are pregnant and help them in every way possible through the good and the bad. I have met some dear people in this ministry!”

FUN FACT: I love spending time with my grandchildren! I also enjoy doing things with my hands, crafts, crocheting, sketching, playing guitar and writing songs.

RN, BSN Nurse

Terri Lynn Johnston


“I enjoy working at New Hope and seeing what God is doing through this ministry. Every time I witness an ultrasound I get excited to see this window into the womb and see how intricately our Maker has fashioned these precious little lives. Sharing the heartbeat with moms for the first time is always a joy. It’s a gift to be able to minister to the clients that come through our doors seeking help.”

FUN FACT: In my spare time I enjoy floral arranging, snowboarding and quilting.

Client Services and Marketing Director

Lori Broomhead


“I could feel the vibes of love and compassion the first time I walked through the doors of New Hope Center. God has shown me that we can impact culture and reach abortion-minded women through kind, personal connections. It is truly amazing when a woman looks at an ultrasound screen and sees not just a beating heart but a beautiful baby that she wants to hold and protect.”

FUN FACT: I love traveling and exploring the world with my husband and kids. I’ve been to 49 states and hope to get to the last one soon.

Client Support

Allie Henderson


“I enjoy being able to show Christ’s love in practical ways as we work together to pour into the lives of our clients. I am so excited and honored to be a part of New Hope Center and to walk alongside the other staff in this life-affirming ministry.”

FUN FACT: In my free time I like playing disc golf and hiking with my husband.

SRA Program Director

Marla Specht


“Like the rest of the New Hope Center staff, I have been called to serve God by using the talents He has given me to make a difference in the lives of our clients. I am blessed to work in an environment that allows me the opportunity to follow my passion of educating teens in understanding that the life choices they make today define their futures. It is a joy to be a member of a team of dedicated Christian women whose first desire is to bring glory to God by faithfully serving Him.”

FUN FACT: I enjoy doing my part to take care of the beautiful world God has entrusted to us by practicing the 3Rs:  Refuse, Reuse, and Recycle. The New Hope Pregnancy Center staff humors me in this regard by placing recyclables outside my office door and then once a week I fill my van and make a trip to the recycling center.

Office Manager

Kathy Nease


“I like working at New Hope Center because the people I get to work with are the best people around.”

FUN FACT: I can always find something sweet to eat at New Hope Center!


Kathy Lawrence

“Being involved in the ministry of New Hope is a blessing to me in many ways. To work alongside other Christians who share the same love for our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ and who want to reach out to women and men who need some help, encouragement and sometimes just to know that we care and want to help them. There is nothing like being able to show parents their baby’s heartbeat and to let them hear that precious sound for the first time. I can’t say enough about all of the wonderful things that our LORD is enabling New Hope Center to do.”

FUN FACT: My husband & I have been blessed with two sons and daughters-in-law and nine grandchildren. To be a parent is wonderful but to be a grandparent is AWESOME.

Administrative Assistant

Deb Wadsworth

“Working at New Hope Center and witnessing the kindness, compassion and help of our staff, then seeing our clients leave with a sense of joy and hope, is an amazing thing to be a part of.”

FUN FACT: I find great satisfaction in gardening and our grandchildren. Both deepen my appreciation of our Creator God.

You will never have this day again,
so make it count.